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Magazine «Metizy»

About magazine

A specialized magazine for metal industry and for your production promotion at Russian and foreign markets.
A specialized magazine «Metizy» – is an information publication in its content and is aimed at the chiefs and specialists of wire, ropes, fasteners and other products from metal manufactures.
The magazine is a printed publication of Association «RosMetiz»
Association «RosMetiz» unites more than 250 companies and concerns which work on Russian hardware market.
Circulation structure
The magazine is distributed among: wire-, steel ropes- and fastener-producers; equipment and auxiliary parts’ producers; sellers; technique engineers, among specialists of car, machine-building and machine-tool industries; in construction sphere ets.
Magazine readers
Senior managers and specialists of fabricators, chiefs and specialists of trading firms, specialists of banks and investment banking firms and other specialists who work in different manufacturing sectors.
Periodicity – 3 times a year. The magazine appears since 2002.
Wire and wire production
New directions and scientific researches in wire production technology, information about materials and components for the wire production and articles made of wire
Fasteners production technology, researches in field of fasteners production, progressive articles and systems of fasteners, fasteners’ use in different fields of the industry.
Protection of corrosion
New protection-of-corrosion technologies for metal products, researches in field of protection of corrosion, materials and components for the protection of corrosion.
Equipment for production of wire, steel ropes, wirecloth, fasteners, equipment for thermal processing of corrosion, packing equipment.
Placement of your information in the magazine

We will be glad to cooperate with you and to provide the interested buyers with information about your company and your products. As the magazine is the only professional publication in Russia, chiefs and specialists who work at this market will learn the information about you.
You may place any information tighten with the subject as an article or information block i8n the magazine. Our specialists will help to adapt your information for the Russian market specifics.

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